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Class Schedule 


*Open training is a session for your own practice. No instruction will be provided.    Not suitable for complete beginners.

Which class is for me?


Membership & Class Pass

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Private 1:1

£35 Per hour


2:1 £22.50 per person ph 

3/4:1 £20 per person ph

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Cancellation 24 hours prior to class.

All private classes must be paid in full on booking.


Aerial hoop


Pole Dancing
Pole Fitness


Strength and Flexibility

Class Descriptions


Pole Fitness: Beginners, L1

Beginners Pole fitness is for brand new beginners. This class will teach you the fundamentals of pole dance and pole fitness through basic tricks, spins and choreography. This class is designed to build strength and increase fitness all while learning a new skill. 

Beginners pole fitness is perfect if you want to try something new, build confidence or just have fun with exercise in a friendly supportive environment.

This is the beginning of your pole journey!


Pole Fitness: Improvers, L2

The Improvers classes are for students who have completed beginners pole fitness or have some previous pole experience. In these classes you will build on the basic skills of beginners pole fitness and dance and build strength and stamina using conditioning and combinations both on spin and static pole.

New grips and spins will be introduced in this class to make pole fitness more fun! You will learn how to climb the pole, seats and tricks which will be built into simple combinations to allow you to create your own style on the pole.


We will start you on your invert journey. You will build strength and learn the correct technique through conditioning and drills to invert safely on the pole.

You will now start to combine moves such as spins, climbs, basic inverts and crucifix on both static and spinning pole which will make your lessons even more fun! If inverting is not for you then no problem. Your instructor will have lots more fun and challenging things to keep you focused and help you get fit and strong.


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Pole Fitness: Lower Intermediate, L3

It's time to master that invert!!

This class will prepare you for intermediate pole fitness/dancing. You will master more complicated tricks, spins and combinations including thigh and leg grips. 

This class will teach you progressions from basic invert to some cool upside down tricks including leg hangs and choppers!

For this class you will need to have underpinned the basics of pole fitness as well as acquired the strength and co-ordination to learn more complex combinations.


Pole Fitness: Intermediate, L4

Congratulations! You are an intermediate poler.

This class is for students who are comfortable with the basics of pole fitness and who are confident with basic inverts, climbs and thigh grips. 

In this class you will progress your invert skills to butterfly, brass monkey, lay back transitions and aerial inverts. This class will progress to more technical and dynamic combinations, as well as spins using both static and spinning pole. 


Pole Fitness: Higher Intermediate/Advanced L4-L5

This class is designed for experienced pole dancers who are ready to progress to more challenging tricks and combinations. Students must have an intermediate ability to participate in this class as it requires a higher level of strength and flexibility.

Each move and combination will have regressions and progressions so students can challenge themselves and progress at their own pace.


Pole Dance: All Levels

Fun sexy flow / dance classes in which you will learn short routines and individual breakdowns of moves both on and off the pole.

This class is suitable for all levels except for complete beginners. The very basics of pole dance or fitness is needed to participate in this class.

This fun dance class will provide variations and adaptions to suit all levels and abilities. We have lots of dance instructors with different dance styles and backgrounds. Check out our social media pages to see who you will be dancing with this week!


Aerial hoop: Beginner and Improvers

This class is designed for complete beginners and students who have mastered the very basics of aerial hoop. No aerial or fitness experience needed. 

In this class you will learn the basics of aerial hoop as well as combinations of beginners moves. This includes how to enter and exit the hoop safely as well as execute some beautiful shapes and combinations including Delilah variations, mermaid, star in the bar, under bar shapes and basic shapes inside the hoop as well as basic rolls and exits.

This class is highly recommended for people who want to try something different or learn a new skill.


Aerial hoop:Intermediate

This class is designed for students who are confident with beginner aerial hoop and are ready to progress to the next level. To take part in this class, students must be able to enter and exit the hoop safely.

This class will improve your flexibility and strength which will allow you to execute more challenging moves and combinations. 

Examples of moves taught in this class are; Back balance, ankle hangs, Hip holds, Splits and top bar tricks. Combinations including these moves will also be taught. 

Dynamic movements will be introduced such as Mill wheels and Pop off pikes/straddles.

You will learn how to move more fluidly through tricks and shapes making your aerial skills look effortless.

All classes include a full warm up at the beginning and cool down at the end of the class. Each class will include conditioning tailored to the above levels so each student will become stronger and more flexible as they move through the syllabus.

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